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I know, I've posted like a gazillion times, but I wanted to get this up before leaving town. 

This is for
[livejournal.com profile] hilaritasetlux  for her birthday.  She also just had a beautiful baby girl, so this is a congratulations gift as well. 

Her prompt was:

Severus standing, as though before a class, hands behind his back, with an eyebrow raised in...question? Amusement? Disdain? A mix?

So, here he is.  For the first time ever, I didn't use a reference photo. *wibbles*  I wanted the expression to be intimidating yet unreadable. Is he thinking WTF?  Is he thinking 'dear Merlin, just kill me now!'?  Or is he pleased?  Impressed? 

Full size is on my deviantart page.

Anyway - happy (late) birthday hilaritasetlux, and congratulations!  *hugs and squeezes*
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A tense moment during Potter's Occlum--, erm, Remedial Potions lesson.

This is art for the lovely [livejournal.com profile] dixiebell12 !  It's not a Snarry per se, but it is Snape and Harry!  :D  I hope you likes.

I used this still from Sweeney Todd as a reference photo. This is the first time I've used Rickman for a reference, though I didn't want a Rickman Snape, so I tried to make it not look like him.  Full size is on my deviantart page.

I've been sick so I'm a few days behind on LJ.  I'll try and catch up with everyone tonight/tomorrow.  :)

Art - Oops!

May. 4th, 2009 09:23 pm
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Reason #36 that teaching potions sucks.  Poor Snape.  Then again, I think I feel worse for the student that spilled their cauldron! 

Full size viewable on my DeviantArt here.

Done in PhotoShop 5.0.  Reference photo for the pose was the lovely Dave Vanian.
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Some "thank you" art for [livejournal.com profile] droxy !  Thank you sooooooo much for the sewing lessons, for letting me watch you sew (did you feel like you were in a fish tank?), for driving me all over creation while thrifting, and for so much more.  Thank you!  Here's some Brody!Snape artiz in return.

(Proper size will be uploaded shortly at my deviantart page here)

Title:   A Wedding Gift

I figure Hermione would love this book as a wedding gift.  :)  Severus...well, I think he's tired and ready to get Hermione alone.  I think he's also slightly worried that this particular gift might interfere with their Honeymoon.

Done in PhotoShop 5.0.  Here's the original photo.  Adrien Brody as Snape and Bryce Dallas Howard as Granger. 
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A while back, as a nudge for some more Brody!Snape art, [livejournal.com profile] dixiebell12  gave me the following lovely picture of the delectable man in an undershirt, draped over the back of a chair:

And do I give you Snape in an undershirt draped over the back of a chair?  Of course not.  I fully intended to, but I've found that these things seem to take on a life of their own. 

Instead I give you Snape draped over books. )
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More mucking about with GIMP

We once again have a more nasally endowed Reznor as Snape.  This is the scene where he hears the fated prophecy while eavesdropping at the Hog's Head. 

~~~Eavesdropping~~~ )
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For you, [livejournal.com profile] dixiebell12  ! Thank you so much for the advice, support, and everything else over these last few weeks.  I'm so glad to have met you.  You're an inspiration!  Also, thank you a million times over for all of the breathtaking, beautiful art you create and share with us all.  *hugs*  I'm afraid this turned out a bit angsty - I hope that's okay.  I'll make you a happier one next time, promise! 

Dixie likes Adrien Brody as Snape - so here he is!  I think I lost some of the Brody-ness while painting though.  This was done using the free program GIMP, though the hair was done in PhotoDraw.  I've started posting my art to deviantArt, so you can find the full size image here.


Click for (slightly angsty) arrt for the lovely Dixiebell12!! )
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Okay - this is my fourth PhotoDraw fanart attempt, and (I think) it's going to be the last for a while.  I need to get caught up on the Exchange fics!  They've all been so squee-fully wonderful that I don't want to rush through reading them.  I also need to finish writing a chapter of Magic of Wands sooner rather than later.

Anyway, we have another TR as Snape.  This is definitely still a WIP.  I want to do something with the background, work on the hair, and he needs a thicker wand (*snicker* - a thicker wand indeed).  I also need to brush up the detailing on the hand.
`~~More Art - I'm Hopelessly Addicted~~~ )

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So, this one is entirely [livejournal.com profile] kingpig's fault.  She posted some pictures of Trent Reznor, and with my recent PhotoDraw experimentation craze, I decided to play with one.  I'm calling it a 'work in progress' because I'd like to do some additional work and improve things as I practice and (hopefully) improve my skill at digital painting.

~~~ Click for some Snape art ~~~ )

Thanks for posting such inspiring pictures kingpig!  I'm going to start playing with the other one...if I can do it without drooling all over my keyboard.
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I'm on a roll.  Some more experimentation with Crispin as Snape.

~~~ More Artz ~~~ )
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Actually, this is really my first attempt at any art period.  Especially computer art. 

Anyway, I was playing around with the archaic PhotoDraw version 2.0 on my ancient desktop computer and ended up doing this.  Making hair with this program is really difficult...I wonder if it's easier with Photo Shop?  I had a ton of fun playing around with it and now want to upgrade my software.

~ clicky for my first fan art attempt ~ )
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[profile] hilaritasetlux drew a scene from MoW!!!  *jumps up and down excitedly*

This is a scene from chapter 9, in which Severus is stuck sitting in a hospital bed at St Mungo's.  I love his hair!  It's just perfect.  [profile] hilaritasetlux drew it to bribe my muse.  It seems to have worked because I've written more in the last two evenings than I have in probably an entire month.  Thanks for the inspiration H, and keep up the drawing!

*skips off, clutching picture to chest*


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