Jul. 16th, 2008 06:47 pm
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I'm late on making a post about Portus, I know.  I've yet to locate the cable for my camera, so I haven't uploaded any photos yet.  I'll post them once said camera cable is found.  Not that I got many great pictures...I managed to leave my camera behind a few times.  Also, I'm more of a gawker than a snapper.

Well, Portus was a great time!!  I've been blathering on about it all week!  I took a huge step out of my shell and attended this large function alone.  While the formal programming wasn't great, the people were absolutely lovely!  Everyone was so friendly and made me feel most welcome.  The cosplayers were beyond cool ([personal profile] droxy looked so much like the sexy feared PM, that I was reduced to a bumbling idiot upon encountering her).  I'm so grateful to have met notplainjane ([profile] themoreyouclean), who I stuck to like glue.  I would've been lost and frightened without her.

The SSHG meet-up on Saturday was great fun, though I did take notplainjane and I to THE WRONG Marriott first.  Poor SW69 even went looking for us because we called to let her know we were there, but couldn't find the conference room (which was, of course, because we were at the wrong hotel).  LOL.  I also managed to throw my (automatic transmission) Jetta into neutral while driving, which made my tires squeal loudly and the car jerk horribly.  My poor car.  After our little adventure, I'm sure notplainjane will avoid getting into a car with me as the driver again!  :)

I'm already looking forward to attending another convention.  I wonder, which one will it be?  

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Finally!  After an epic struggle with my muse and several re-writes, chapter 23 of The Magic of Wands has been posted!

This week has flown by and Portus is quickly approaching.  I'm officially attending on Friday and will be lurking on Saturday.  This is my first convention and I'm going alone, so if you see a short girl looking extremely lost and frightened, that'll be me.  :) 


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